Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports went on his show, Speak for Yourself, the other day to talk about the full Tyreek Hill audio that was recently released via 610 Sports radio. Jason admits to this being the first time he’s listened to any of the audio as he figured the original audio on KCTV5 was sensationalized. Unfortunately, Jason appears to hear things in this audio that aren’t there like Tyreek admitting to punching his son in the chest. Jason also seems to not know the other facts that have come out recently about the broken arm being ruled an accident by medical professionals and Crystal’s issues like possibly having Munchausen’s Syndrome. At no point does Whitlock make mention that Crystal is secretly recording Tyreek and obviously have an agenda/insurance policy in mind here. Meanwhile, Diana Moskovitz of Deadspin doesn’t feel the full audio changes one thing and that a denial doesn’t equal absolution. Well Diana, if Crystal was lying and Tyreek was being told by his lawyers to take a plea deal does that equal guilt? Just food for thought. Anyway, here is the video of Jason Whitlock followed by the column by Diana Moskovitz.

Jason Whitlock on Full Tyreek Hill Audio

Diana Moskovitz’s Deadspin Article on the Tyreek Hill Full Audio

What are your thoughts on Jason Whitlock’s video and Diana Moskovitz’s article? Fair or Foul?

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One thought on “Jason Whitlock and Deadspin Article on Full Tyreek Hill Audio: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”
  1. Double jeopardy,2014 case and recording irrelevant-an attempt for a money grab! Hills only bad: poor taste in women!!

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