Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was front and center at SEC Media Days in Birmingham last week. With poise, humility and confidence, he answered questions about Alabama’s loss to Clemson last season and revealed what it’s truly like to play for Nick Saban.

It was good that we lost.” Tagovailoa said to GASN Sports. “What can you learn if you keep winning?”

His words had a distinctive impact on the media that day, most of which are used to lauding Alabama’s excellence. The modestly displayed during this particular session is likely a product of the virtual machine that is Alabama football.

The Crimson Tide have once again been selected by members of the SEC media to win the SEC West by a wide margin. Many publications believe that, once again, Alabama will be in the College Football Playoff.

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Tua Reveals What it’s Like Playing for Nick Saban

No coach in recent memory has commanded the respect of the college football universe like Nick Saban. His five National Championships in 12 years at Alabama is nothing short of unfathomable and the culture that he has built certainly manifiests itself in his players.

Coach Saban is someone who’s really hard on you.” Tua explained. “I think you need someone like that in pretty much every organization to set the standard.”

Tua Tagovaiola Speaks at SEC Media Days

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