Triumph in KC: The Chiefs Rolled to a 34-20 Victory

Happy Friday sports world! We officially have game one of the NFL season in the books. What a way to start it off. The Texans came to Kansas City for redemption. They were looking to rectify their loss from the postseason. Before they got into play, the teams came together on the field with their arms locked in a show of solidarity and unity from all players. Whether you agree or disagree with the stance, they came together–something we all need right now.

Game Summary

Now let’s talk about the game. If anyone would have listened to Al and Cris call the game, they talked about the fact that players were going to come out rusty, or slower. Aftertall, there was no preseason with not as much offseason work, both teams came ready to get down, and it showed. The Texans started with the ball and immediately went three and out, followed by a disastrous dropped ball in the endzone by Demarcus Robinson. Then Watson connected with David Johnson for a 19 yard touchdown pass to get the first score of the game. It wouldn’t be long before Mahomes would make magic with his favorite tight end, Travis Kelce. Mahomes connected with Kelce for a short TD pass.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Then Clyde Edwards-Helaire happened. If you don’t know that name, look him up. The rookie running back put on a rushing clinic. The Texans defense got exposed. Edwards-Helaire found the wholes in the defense and ran through them. By the way, he’s a cool 5’8″ 200 lb running back, but he showed brut strength running the ball. Edwards-Helaire would finish the game with 138 yards on 25 carries and a touchdown to start his rookie season.

Deshaun Watson

Watson would go on to finish the game with 253 passing yards to go along with 27 rushing yards, a rushing TD, and one interception. The Texans, Akins and David Johnson would also score TDs leaving the Texans with a final score of 20 points.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes would finish the game with 211 passing yards and zero interceptions. The Chiefs’ Kelce, Hill, Watkins and Edwards-Helaire scored with three passing TDs and one rushing TD. The Chiefs would finish it off with a final score of 34.

I’m sure there are things the Chiefs will work on with their three extra days of rest before they take on the Chargers in Los Angeles.

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