GASN Sports reveals the top position group for each NFL team

As we near the 2020 NFL season there has been so much change, whether it was through free agency, trades, the draft, or opt outs. So, we thought it would be prudent to look at the top position group for each team as we head into the season. What position group is going to carry your team on their backs this season? Without any further ado, let’s reveal the top position group for each NFL team!

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New England Patriots’ Defensive Backs

Buffalo Bills’ Defensive Line

Miami Dolphins’ Quarterbacks

New York Jets’ Running Backs

Houston Texans’ Wide Receivers

Indianapolis Colts’ Offensive Line

Tennessee Titans’ Defensive Backs

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Linebackers/Pass Rushers

Baltimore Ravens’ Defensive Backs

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Linebackers/Pass Rushers

Cleveland Browns’ Wide Receivers

Cincinnati Bengals’ Running Backs

Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterbacks

Denver Broncos’ Wide Receivers

Oakland Raiders’ Offensive Line

Los Angeles Chargers’ Defensive Line

Seattle Seahawks’ Linebackers

San Francisco 49ers’ Defensive Line

Arizona Cardinals’ Wide Receivers

Los Angeles Rams’ Defensive Line

Minnesota Vikings’ Running Backs

Green Bay Packers’ Defensive Line

Detroit Lions’ Quarterbacks

Chicago Bears’ Defensive Line

New Orleans Saints’ Quarterbacks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Wide Receivers

Carolina Panthers’ Running Backs

Atlanta Falcons’ Wide Receivers

New York Giants’ Running Backs

Washington’s Defensive Line

Philadelphia Eagles’ Quarterbacks

Dallas Cowboys’ Wide Receivers

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