Top 10 unforgettable Friday Night Lights moments

Critics and fans alike pegged Friday Night Lights as one of the great television dramas of all time during its run on NBC from 2006-2010. There were many unforgettable moments during the five seasons of “FNL” and luckily for all of us the show will live on forever on DVD and Netflix alike.



1. Jason Street’s Injury (Season 1)

Most fans were hooked on the show from the opening moments of the pilot episode of Friday Night Lights when it aired initially in 2006. The first episode did a tremendous job of introducing you to the world that is Dillon, TX and set the standard for the rest of the series. When Jason Street (the team’s quarterback and proven leader) gets injured during the first game, the viewers knew they were in for a whirlwind of a season.


Friday Night Lights

2. Matt Saracen’s Father Dies (Season 4)

Matt Saracen had been a fan-favorite character since he was introduced during the show’s first episode. When his father is unexpectedly killed while fighting in Iraq it forces Matt to deal with pent up emotions and feelings that he had about his absent father. This is definitely one of the more heart-wrenching moments of the series and helped re-ignite the sympathy that most fans of the show had for Saracen’s character.



3. Texas Forever (Season 5)

The closing moments of Friday Night Light’s last episode provided so much emotion and closure to the show. We saw the Taylor’s finally moving out of Texas to follow their dreams elseware, meanwhile the Riggins brothers are shown building a house on Tim’s land signalling that their lives were both heading in the right direction.



4. Tyra’s Essay (Season 3)

Tyra was one of FNL’s more complex characters as she wound up working hard to shake her white trash image and to get to college. Her friendship with nice guy Landy Clark had blossomed over the past two seasons and he pushed her to write the perfect essay for her application to the University of Texas. When she finally reads him her final draft, it’s time to bust out the Kleenex because it was a fantastic moment for her character and the show in general.



5. State Champs (Season 1)

Season 1 was such an emotional roller coaster and featured many ups and downs including a player being paralyzed, one player arrested for assault and another taking steroids. It was also during this episode that it is revealed that head coach Eric Taylor would be taking a college coaching position which only heightened emotions.  It was a tremendous payoff, however, as the Dillion Panthers won the state championship in dramatic episode during the final episode of the season.



6. Goodbye Jason

The friendship between Jason Street and Tim Riggins was certainly one of the focal points of the entire show through the first three seasons. When Jason has a child, he is forced to grow up quickly and to provide for his family. Tim and Jason go to New York in hopes of re-uniting Jason with his girlfriend and his son, as well as land him a job at sports agency. The final result is an emotionally-charged situation where Jason is accepted by his girlfriend and his best friend Tim must say goodbye.



7. Smash is College Bound

After suffering a knee injury in his last high school game, Smash Williams is more worried about being the manager of the Alamo Freeze than he is playing football in college. After training with coach Taylor, he is finally rewarded with a tryout at Texas A&M University. The look on Taylor’s face as he hears the Williams family celebrating behind close doors is perfectly indicative of the type of person that he is.



8. Underdogs (Season 3)

After yet another seasons of ups and downs, Dillion once again fights its way into the state championship game, this time facing the unstoppable South Texas Titans. After freshman quarterback J.D. McCoy melts down under pressure, the team turns to Matt Saracen to bring them back. After the Panthers lose in the final seconds of the game, you find yourself being genuinely upset about the loss and the heartbreak that the team feels after squandering the unbelivable comeback.


9. Tim and Bo’s Friendship (Season 1)

When Tim begruggingly befriends a little boy who moves next door to him, it further exposes a softer side to his often stoic character. The two have some unforgettable scenes together and it further enhansed Riggins’ personality. Inevetably, the little boy is able to attend the state championship game and sees Tim and the Panthers win it all at Texas Stadium in Dallas.


10. The Mud Bowl (Season 1)

Drama and intrigue ensue as Dillon is forced to find a new venue for the state semi-final game. Against all odds, the Panthers are able to win the game in a wet, muddy affair that culminates in celebration. Meanwhile, Tyra is attacked in the rain by a predator at the same time these events are occurring which leaves the audience with mixed emotions heading into the next episode.





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