Top 10 Ugliest NFL Uniforms of all Time

Even with today’s modern Nike uniforms, NFL teams are very hit and miss when it comes to wearing threads that are pleasing to the eye. These are the 10 worst uniforms ever worn by an NFL team. Some are horrendous throwbacks, some were random alternates, and some are every day unis that are just plain hard to look at.


1. Green Bay Packers Throwbacks

Can barely look at this photo let alone watch the Packers play when wearing these eyesores.



2. Philadelphia Eagles Throwbacks

Notice a pattern here? Seriously, what am I looking at right now? History is one thing, but dressing like the Blue Hens of Delaware is another.



3. Denver Broncos Throwbacks

Each one of these uniforms is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. From the cartoon donkey on the helmet to brown and yellow being worn together.



4. Jacksonville Jaguars Current Uniforms

Come on Nike, really? It wouldn’t be quite as bad but the helmet is half gold and half black, which is terrible and inexcusable.



5. Pittsburgh Steelers Throwbacks

This cannot possibly demand any explanation. Just please stop wearing these or I’m going to blow the whistle on Ben Roethlisberger again.


Ronnie Brown, Joey Haynos, Lousaka Polite

6. Miami Dolphins Orange Jersey

I really hope whomever came up with this big idea was fired immediately. Regardless, the Dolphins are awarded no points for this and may god have mercy on their souls.


Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets

7. New York Jets/Titans Throwbacks

Cool, you used to be the New York Titans and wore these horrible uniforms, just stop forcing it upon us in the modern era, some of us have cataracts.



8. Houston Texans All-Reds

Hey so navy blue is your main color, why not wear all-red uniforms under a dark blue helmet! I’m literally angry looking at this photo.



9. Chicago Bears Throwbacks

Yes, you’ve caught on, I hate all of these throwback uniforms. Would you have even known what team this was had I not told you?



10. Seattle Seahawks 2002-2012

If you hate the ones they have now, let me remind you of this terrible design. Awful color (is it green or blue) and was a huge letdown after the original unis they wore prior to this.



Honorable Mentions



Bills_crop_north browns-orange-pants-bad-color

Jake Locker usatsi_8020961

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