The sports universe has certainly become more fashion obsessed in recent years and it seems that you can’t turn on the television to watch a game without announcers and fans buzzing about each teams’ uniform choice. Let’s face it, we live in an era where 18 year old kids decide which college they are going to attend based on uniforms (we’re looking at you, Oregon). We love uniforms that make us feel nostalgic, as well as threads that make our team look classy and sleek. Let’s take a look at the top 10 sports uniforms of all time as chosen by…well…us.



1. Oakland Raiders. Whether it be the colors or the mystique, there is no denying that the Oakland Raiders have a tremendous look. The uniforms have remained relatively unchanged dating back to the AFL days and have become symbolic of the franchise’s outlaw mentality. Although the team has been horrible for over a decade, the silver-and-black still brings to life images of George Atkinson, Fred Biletnikoff, Al Davis and John Madden . Love or hate the Raiders, we have no choice but to champion them with the best uniforms in all of sports.

yankees1919_1257112048722. New York Yankees. The pinstripes are as synonymous with winning than any uniform in sports. From Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees represent the pinnacle of sports success. The famous pinstripes first showed up in 1912 which helped created a signature look for the club.


Chicago-Bulls-Jordan-73. Chicago Bulls. During the 90’s, many NBA teams went with silly, cartoony uniforms that strayed away from tradition. The Chicago Bulls were undoubtedly the team of the 90’s and boasted the greatest uniforms in NBA history. Every singleperson in America knew who Michael Jordan was and his famous “23” jersey was literally everywhere during this era.


rbz-ut-nebraska-0624. Texas Longhorns. If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then the Texas Longhorn road white uniforms clearly deserve a spot on this list. Granted, Texas’ burnt orange is not for everyone, but the road whites are some of the cleanest threads in all of sports. The simple, yet effective, white helmet with the Bevo logo only adds to these beauties.

elvin-hayes-300b_display_image_display_image_crop_exact5. Washington Bullets. Before the sports world became politically correct, we had the Washington Bullets and these fantastic unis. The red white and blue, coupled with the stripes made these stand out in a big way. Huge props to the current Washington Wizards who have (somewhat) resurrected this classic look.


ladainian-tomlinson-powder-blue-jersey6. San Diego Chargers powder blues. Huge props to the Chargers organization for bringing these gems back into the fold in the 2000’s. If you mention your favorite NFL uniforms to any fan, most of them will throw out this specific Charger look which went unseen for many years following the Dan Fouts/Kellen Winslow era in San Diego. They may be used as an “alternate” look these days, but they are clearly universally accepted by NFL fans as an instant classic.

NHL: Preseason-Washington Capitals at Chicago Blackhawks7. Chicago Blackhawks. One of the six original NHL franchises, the Blackhawks are revered in Chicago and have been a staple for success even recently. The indian logo on the chest looks gorgeous on the bright red jersey (although how long will it be until the logo is attacked by mainstream media and replaced)?




8. S.t. Louis Cardinals. It’s really only two small cardinal birds sitting on opposite ends of a baseball bat, but wow is it ever cool? The Cardinals are the most successful National League franchise and have cultivated this effective look since 1922. Baseball is not exactly a sport which is known for over-the-top uniforms and logos but the Cardinals have certainly managed to stand out amongst their peers.


ns_21cowboys04gm_27922041_8477149. Dallas Cowboys blue tops. You have to take away quite a few points for the fact that the Cowboys very rarely dawn the blue jerseys these days, but it is certainly a sight to behold each time they do (AKA Thanksgiving day). Many Cowboys fans are on board with bringing back the blues on a more regular basis as the choice for the team to wear white on most occasions dates back to a superstition from decades ago.



charles-ed-obannon10. UCLA Bruins. Another uniform that is synonymous with winning, UCLA has added subtle changes throughout the years but have stayed mostly true to the traditional blue and gold unis that have been a part of 11 NCAA championships and countless Pac-12 titles.

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