Top 10 College Football Helmets

Fashion has never been more important in college football and teams all over the nation are trying to make themselves stand out to potential recruits.

A college football team’s helmet is, in essence, the ultimate symbol for the football program in general. Some prefer a classic looking lid, while others prefer something stylish and innovative. It was not easy creating a definitive list of the top-10 greatest college football helmets of all time, but since we live in a world where top-10 lists seem to rule the internet,  we thought we would give it a go.


1. Texas. The Longhorns boast one of the cleanest looks in all of sports and the simplicity of the burnt orange steer on the all-white helmet is as classic as it gets. Despite struggling of late, the University of Texas has all the tradition, revenue and recognizability that you must have to be a successful program and today, they have also won the title of greatest helmet in all of college football.

florida-state-university-automatically-imported-2011-fsu-football-helmet-at-second-day-of-fall-fs-x-auto-01489smd2. Florida State. The ‘Nole helmet has become a mainstay in the college football universe over the past twenty years ans as long as there are no fundamentalist groups that come along to try to change the Florida State mascot and logo, this helmet will be as recognizable and iconic as any in the country.


2013-MediaDay-helmet23. Michigan. Michigan has the most all-time wins in the history of college football and you can’t possibly think about Michigan’s storied program without recalling the classic maize-and-blue helmet. Often repeated, but never duplicated, Michigan’s legendary lid is as easily identifiable as a McDonalds arch.


K-StateVictorYHeLmet4. Kansas State. K-State football was searching for an identity throughout its porus history before Bill Snyder arrived in 1989. Soon after, the “powercat” logo was created and the Wildcats rose to stardom under Synder and the new-look helmets. The logo is now one one of the most licensed in all of sports.



5857600 5. Nebraska. There is nothing like the sea of red in Lincoln, Nebraska on a college football Saturday. The simple red “N” on the white helmet is college football tradition personified.


ndhelmet6. Notre Dame. The 24-carrott gold helmet shining bring in the Midwest sun is one of the most iconic images in all of sports. Notre Dame football is one of the most loved and also the most hated programs in college football history and every single human that has ever watched a game knows that the bright gold helmet is as important to Notre Dame football as TV ratings are to Vince McMahon.

alabamaspeed157. Alabama. It’s completely simple, but I’ll be darned if it’s not effective. The crimson helmet with the number on the side has been fashionable since 1960 and has since been replicated by college, professional and high school football teams like.



GeorgiaBulldogsHelmetsRaised8. Georgia. So did Green Bay steel the “G” on the helmet from Georgia or was it the other way around? Regardless, the Georgia Bulldogs possess one of the great helmets in college football and when you see the black “G” on a red background, you know exactly what it’s all about.

750536697_FnWxp_M_answer_4_xlarge9. USC. Nothing captures the true spirit of USC football like the yellow Trojan that dons the sides of the teams’ football helmets. History, tradition and mystique are all apart of the rich USC football landscape and if you are an opposing team and see those helmets bobbing up and down on a Saturday in LA, it likely means you are about to get beat.

092113_iu_wide_shots_jb0066_t_w600_h300010. Missouri (chrome alternate helmet). No history, no problem for Mizzou who has one of the coolest new-age alternate helmets in the nation. Missouri has been a solid program for the past decade and have hit a home run with these alternates which are sleek without trying too hard to be Oregon.



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