Minnesota Timberwolves: NBA Draft Lottery winner, analyzing what’s next?

For the first time in a long time, the Timberwolves finally finished number one in something. They just got awarded the #1 draft pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. They beat out the Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Hornets, and the Chicago Bulls. This is the pick that can finally turn this franchise around, but with three key names for his choosing, what will Scott Layden do with the #1 pick?

Scott Layden general manage of the Minnesota Timberwolves

Current Roster Analysis

At first glance, this team has a couple of eye candy players on the roster such as, D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns. So, Minnesota already has a great start for two starters in this line up with all-star caliber talent. At the end of the day, what will benefit the team to get better? Will they pair up Russell with a guard to have a split of the handling and shooting? What about a Forward to create space on the court for Russell to be a one man gang with the help of KAT? Or what about another big man to have a big back court with a lot of rebounding opportunities to have more possessions and control of the clock?

Timberwolves’ Future

Whatever Scott Layden decides to do they will improve the second they draft the player he wants. I mean, you can only go up from here. Plus, with the cap space they have heading into next year do not be surprised if they get a couple of role players to strengthen the bench. Now, you do not get the #1 pick and all of a sudden turn it around just like that. There are however, baby steps involved especially since they do play in the west. They are still going to need a couple of pieces to do it, but what Scott Layden got was a gift and now he must make every right move with this pick if they want to improve as quick as they can. I will reveal my NBA Mock draft a day before for my final thoughts on what each team is going to do. Stay tuned.

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