Fox Sports’ Tim Brando: college football has become a colossal bore

Tim Brando, renowned Fox Sports college football play-by-play man has recently made several strong statements with regard to the state of the game.

In a recent chat with Clint Switzer & Noah Gronniger on the Saturday SuprEmaCy podcast , Brando opened up about his thoughts on the current playoff system and how the hypocrisy of the committee is “rearing its ugly head again.”

“The College Football Playoff format is corrupt.” Brando stated during the podcast. “It leaves itself wide open to criticism across the board.”

Brando followed up by insinuating that college football’s popularity is waning as a result of the current format.

College football is going to continue to lose its grip as the second most popular sport in America.” Brando said. College football has become a colossal bore nationally because we only let two teams in.”

Listen to the podcast below

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