Terrell Owens: Bring Me to Kansas City Now

Former star NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is clearly in amazing shape at 46 year of age. He showed off his tremendous speed in a recent video where he raced Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill for $1,000.

Owens, who last played with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football league back in 2012, narrowly beat Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill in a race in which Hill spotted Owens at 10-yard head start.

Andy Reid, trust me if you get in trouble now, I’m letting you know right now, I’m socially distancing.” Owens stated. “Bring me to Kansas City now, you know you know me!”

Obviously, Owens was feeling a certain amount of jubilation after his race against Hill and the idea of him returning to the NFL at 46 is implausible at best…On second thought, the idea of T.O. in the slot for a few snaps a game playing opposite of Travis Kelce is perhaps, a bit enticing!

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