Super Bowl LIV: 50 years in the making; a perspective from former players

The Kansas City Chiefs have made the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. The Chiefs have had a lot of opportunities throughout the years with championship caliber teams, but always fell short for one reason or another.

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Bill Walsh: Remembering a Champion

As the achievements and disappointments of the recent Super Bowl become more distant with each passing weekend, a lasting Super Bowl “high mark” stirs my memory. This reflection evolves from a man who coached in three Super Bowls and won all three Super Bowl games to become a three time champion. There  have been other great coaches, and there will be other great coaches to come along, but it is doubtful whether there will ever be another quite like Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers. It’s sad that he is gone, but it was a deep pleasure for all of football to have had him. Just ask the men who coached with him, the players who played for him and the media who covered him. Creator of the West Coast Offense, Bill Walsh created winning football programs at every level; High School, College and NFL teams that fired on all cylinders. Every person who was a part of his journey was driven. Coach Walsh gave it all to football and the game today is better because of him.

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