That What Speed Do?

What If I told you that the Royals this season are more like the 2015 Royals than the 2015 Royals actually were, would you believe me? Now I realize that sentence doesn’t really make any sense, but it actually does when you analyze it. So the 2015 Royals as we all know was built on speed and defense. That was the thing we always saw in the press from the players, Ned Yost, and even Dayton Moore. The thing is, this was true, but just not as true as the current team. The 2015 team had 4 gold glove type defenders with Perez, Gordon, Cain, and Hosmer. . The current team has three gold glove contenders as well with Gordon, Hamilton, and Maldanado. So with the Defense, the 2015 team was probably a little bit better than this team, but there is potential for it to be close to as good. Speed on the other hand is something different all together.

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It’s Not Moneyball, It’s Royals Baseball

In Dayton Moore’s book More Than a Season, he references what he calls “The Process”. This of course is the process of which to build a successful franchise. He talks about how he learned the process from his time in Atlanta and they were able to achieve major success there for quite a long time. They are a bigger budget team than we are in Kansas City, but still not Yankee or Boston level budget either. So some of their process made sense to bring here. The big thing was the understanding that the only real way to build a strong successful team for more than season is not thru free agency, but rather thru your minor leagues. You have to build and develop your farm system to be one of the best. Essentially the idea is that you continually have a supply of young talented players coming up to replace the talented players you have to let go because you can no longer afford them. The Kansas City Star Columnist Sam Mellinger has called our current rebuild The Process 2.0 and it is accurate. Now you could call what the Royals do “Money ball”, and you would be wrong, but also kind of right. It is a variation on the idea that was “Money Ball”. 

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The Royal Rebuild: Off and Running

Royals’ baseball for so long was all about losing. That is what people of my generation knew for most of their lives. There were a couple decent teams with winning seasons between the ’85 team and the ’14 and ’15 teams, but for the most part it was a brutal 25 years. That was a huge part of the reason the magic of ’15 was so amazing though. That being said, we actually get to legit talk about the Royals in a rebuilding conversation, and not just about how bad will they be this season type of conversation. So even if this season is a losing season as I predicted in an earlier article, we really should be focusing on the future of this team. 

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Kansas City Royals: The Best Team in Baseball

The Kansas City Royals are playing great baseball right now and are winning games in every way possible. The struggles of the starting rotation have been silenced with back to back shutouts from Edinson Volquez and Yordano Ventura. Both Volquez and Ventura pitched seven quality innings giving up a combined seven hits while allowing no runs. Back to back quality starts was exactly what this rotation needed to get back on track. Continue reading “Kansas City Royals: The Best Team in Baseball”

Royals Continue to Win

The Kansas City Royals have gotten off to a great start in the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

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ALCS Thoughts and Interest Level from Highly Questionable

Last week on ESPN’s Highly Questionable the hosts came up with a great new Ned Yost dance for all the Royals fans called “Bunt Steal”. This week they discussed their interest level in the ALCS and brought the dance out again! Here are their thoughts about the ALCS and the fabulous Ned Yost dance that they just can’t seem to get enough of. 

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