Chiefs Kingdom: Family or Foe?

The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans like to talk about how they are a Chiefs Kingdom while welcoming new players into the Chiefs family. Just hope you don’t run into trouble or become the black sheep of the family that needs help. If you do find yourself in this predicament you’ll find yourself on the unemployment line, but not for long as another team will swoop right into to pick you up. This is just one aspect of where the problem lies as we delve into words vs. actions from the NFL and their franchises.

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Kansas City Chiefs: Monday Mailbag 4/29/19

Welcome into another edition of our Kansas City Chiefs Monday Mailbag as we answer your fan questions for the week. Audio was leaked from a friend of Crystal Espinal, Tyreek Hill’s fiancé, which can be looked at one of two ways which we will discuss in the questions. Today we have 3 questions as the offseason is in full swing and there hasn’t been much news lately, but we will attack each one of them as we would even if we had 10 questions! So without further ado, let’s get right to them!

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Kansas City Chiefs: Monday Mailbag 3/4/19

Here we are for our second edition of our Chiefs Monday Mailbag and we have once again received a ton of great questions from you, the fans! We have some recent news that Eric Berry will not be having surgery this offseason, but should be ready for all offseason activities. Also, we heard that Travis Kelce, unlike Eric, underwent surgery to repair an injury to his ankle and Travis should be ready to go by training camp. The last piece of news we received was that the Chiefs have put the franchise tag on Dee Ford, but are listening to trade offers. With all that news out of the way, let’s not waste anymore time and delve into all your pressing questions.

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Kansas City Chiefs: 15 Reasons for Excitement in 2018

The 2018 Kansas City Chiefs season is going to be epic. Here are 15 reasons why: Continue reading “Kansas City Chiefs: 15 Reasons for Excitement in 2018”

Can the Chiefs save Christmas?

The professional football players from Kansas City may have been dressed in red suits throughout the month of November and early December, however, they bore no resemblance to a symbol of hope and prosperity like Santa Claus. Continue reading “Can the Chiefs save Christmas?”

Chiefs look to bounce back following back–to-back losses

As the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) prepares to host the Denver Broncos (3-3), there will be a fair amount of concern placed on this veteran team to get the memory of the previous two weeks out of their minds. Continue reading “Chiefs look to bounce back following back–to-back losses”