Chiefs vs. Colts – Exorcising Playoff Demons (video)

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game since 1994 when Joe Montana led a late touchdown drive against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since January 11th, 1970 the Chiefs have had 4 playoff wins while the Colts have 4 playoff wins against the Chiefs alone! Chiefs fans are nervous having to face this Colts team for a now 5th time in the playoffs and rightfully so. The Chiefs only have 2 home playoff wins in their history and if they lose yet another one, therapists in the Kansas City metro area are going to be busy come Monday. However, the Chiefs have the MVP of the league in Patrick Mahomes so this isn’t the same Chiefs with the likes of Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Trent Green, Matt Cassel, or even Alex Smith. For the first time, in a long time, the Kansas City Chiefs can say they have their very own franchise quarterback and not an attempt to turn someone else’s trash into their treasure. It’s time for the Chiefs to exorcise the demons of playoff failures past and look toward a new and bright future with the most exciting quarterback the NFL has to offer!  Continue reading “Chiefs vs. Colts – Exorcising Playoff Demons (video)”

Chiefs have new found hope in Patrick Mahomes (video)

The date was January 23rd, 1994 as the Kansas City Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills in old Rich Stadium in the AFC Championship for the right to go to Super Bowl XXVIII to take on the Dallas Cowboys. The Chiefs dropped two touchdown passes, one by Tim Barnett and one by Kimble Anders, before Joe Montana was concussed and taken out of the game after hitting his head against the concrete astro turf. This would be the Chiefs last appearance in the AFC Championship game to date. Who would have thought that a 38 year old Joe Montana would be the last this franchise saw of true greatness at that position for another 23 years and counting? Continue reading “Chiefs have new found hope in Patrick Mahomes (video)”

Chiefs Rewind: MNF at Denver Oct. 17, 1994 (140 Photos)

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer and his quarterback Joe Montana were both winless in Mile High Stadium as they stood at a combined 0-10 inside those unfriendly confines. John Elway had been a thorn in the Chiefs side for years by posting 6 game winning drives against the division rival (1 in each of the last 5 years). It wouldn’t be an easy feat for the Chiefs to overcome with a raucous Monday Night Football crowd, defensive tackle Dan Saleaumua out with a sprained knee, and Derrick Thomas being benched for the start of the game for being an hour late to a team meeting earlier in the week.  However, this would prove to be night that Chiefs fans wouldn’t soon forget as all appeared to be lost after a late John Elway scramble for the go-ahead touchdown, but never count out Joe Montana. Joe showed the world that he didn’t leave the “Montana Magic” in San Francisco and he had plenty left to give to the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe Montana went under center with 0:13 left in the game and found Willie Davis in the corner of the end zone to win 31-28 and end his and Marty Schotteneheimer’s winless streak at Mile High Stadium.  Continue reading “Chiefs Rewind: MNF at Denver Oct. 17, 1994 (140 Photos)”

JJ Birden Interview: When Opportunity Knocks

Ex. NFL wide receiver, JJ Birden, has taken advantage of many opportunities in his life whether it be a 9 year NFL career while being the smallest player in the league or his transition into life after football with Isagenix and now this amazing book. JJ’s new book is appropriately titled “When Opportunity Knocks 8 Sure Fire Ways to Take Advantage” which is available for pre-order BUY JJ’s NEW BOOK HERE. We have been so lucky to form a friendship with such a generous and inspiring person that has helped us out so much with our dreams and aspirations. Here is our interview with JJ about his new book and don’t forget to go purchase your own copy of this inspiration and life changing book!  Continue reading “JJ Birden Interview: When Opportunity Knocks”

Bill Walsh: Remembering a Champion

As the achievements and disappointments of the recent Super Bowl become more distant with each passing weekend, a lasting Super Bowl “high mark” stirs my memory. This reflection evolves from a man who coached in three Super Bowls and won all three Super Bowl games to become a three time champion. There  have been other great coaches, and there will be other great coaches to come along, but it is doubtful whether there will ever be another quite like Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers. It’s sad that he is gone, but it was a deep pleasure for all of football to have had him. Just ask the men who coached with him, the players who played for him and the media who covered him. Creator of the West Coast Offense, Bill Walsh created winning football programs at every level; High School, College and NFL teams that fired on all cylinders. Every person who was a part of his journey was driven. Coach Walsh gave it all to football and the game today is better because of him.

Continue reading “Bill Walsh: Remembering a Champion”

Mount Rushmore of Mediocrity: Chiefs QB Edition

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t had what most would consider to be a franchise quarterback for 20 years. In 1993, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, Joe Montana, graced the Chiefs with his presence for his two final years in the NFL. Since Joe Montana announced his retirement the Kansas City Chiefs have been thrown into a quarterback purgatory, but it’s by their own doing as they refuse to take a real chance at finding their own franchise quarterback. They haven’t drafted a quarterback in the 1st round in a mind-numbing 31 years and they haven’t even drafted one in the 2nd round in 22 years! Since 1995, the Chiefs have had 14 quarterbacks start a game and none of them can be considered a franchise quarterback; let’s take a look at this wondrous list of quarterbacks. Continue reading “Mount Rushmore of Mediocrity: Chiefs QB Edition”