It’s Not Moneyball, It’s Royals Baseball

In Dayton Moore’s book More Than a Season, he references what he calls “The Process”. This of course is the process of which to build a successful franchise. He talks about how he learned the process from his time in Atlanta and they were able to achieve major success there for quite a long time. They are a bigger budget team than we are in Kansas City, but still not Yankee or Boston level budget either. So some of their process made sense to bring here. The big thing was the understanding that the only real way to build a strong successful team for more than season is not thru free agency, but rather thru your minor leagues. You have to build and develop your farm system to be one of the best. Essentially the idea is that you continually have a supply of young talented players coming up to replace the talented players you have to let go because you can no longer afford them. The Kansas City Star Columnist Sam Mellinger has called our current rebuild The Process 2.0 and it is accurate. Now you could call what the Royals do “Money ball”, and you would be wrong, but also kind of right. It is a variation on the idea that was “Money Ball”. 

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Kansas City Royals: 2019 Season Preview

We are officially one month away from Opening Day at the K, and this seems like a good time to start projecting our expectations for the Royals this season. Spring Training is under way, with the first televised Spring Training game-taking place tomorrow. So what can we expect to see based on the practices and the few games we have played so far? Well like most things involving Kansas City sports, it is tough to predict.

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Royals Continue to Win

The Kansas City Royals have gotten off to a great start in the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

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New Move for KC Royals Dance from Highly Questionable

The Kansas City Royals are almost assured of earning a berth into the 2014 World Series and ESPN’s Highly Questionable has added a new move to their Royals dance. The dance called “Bunt Steal” has been sweeping the nation as the Royals sweep each of their opponents in the playoffs. Without further ado here is the new and improved Royals dance!

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Ned Yost Dance from ESPN’s Highly Questionable

The Kansas City Royals are making a miraculous run through their first post-season appearance in 29 years. What is one thing post-season baseball teams usually have? Pitching! So how are these Royals, who hit the fewest home runs this season, scoring? Highly Questionable’s Gonzalo Le Batard, Dan Le Batard’s father, answers that question with two words and a fun new dance for all you Royals fans! 

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Did the Kansas City Star do fans, and the Royals a disservice?

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