Kansas City Chiefs: Monday Mailbag 4/29/19

Welcome into another edition of our Kansas City Chiefs Monday Mailbag as we answer your fan questions for the week. Audio was leaked from a friend of Crystal Espinal, Tyreek Hill’s fiancé, which can be looked at one of two ways which we will discuss in the questions. Today we have 3 questions as the offseason is in full swing and there hasn’t been much news lately, but we will attack each one of them as we would even if we had 10 questions! So without further ado, let’s get right to them!

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Fantasy Football for Dummies: I Wouldn’t Draft Michael Sam Either

As great and powerful as the NFL has become, there is one entity of the game that seems to have become bigger than the league itself. That entity is actually a simple game: Fantasy Football. From the hype and popularity of the NFL draft, to the billions of dollars spent during a season, and ultimately to the unofficial national holiday that is the Super Bowl; the National Football League is big. I mean really big. Games are now being played overseas, stadiums are popping up each year at price tags in the billions, and the sport seems to just get more popular.

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Top NFL Players at each position (’14 Offense-Edition)

I first started making this list as the ‘Top 5 at each position’ but then I changed it quickly to whatever number made sense per the position. Two good examples are: I went with only 8 centers given the lack of many consistent, dominant, and productive players at the position. Whereas, with wide-receivers I went with 20 because we are currently in a golden age of superhuman athletes being plentiful at wide-out, combined with the increasing rules geared towards overall player health and safety making offenses explode. Here are the top NFL players at each offensive position:

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