Former Chiefs player, Steven Nelson, has harsh words for Kansas City

Former Kansas City Chiefs and current Pittsburgh Steelers CB, Steven Nelson, took to Twitter to call Kansas City racist. He talked about how different things are in Pittsburgh with the front office and city being more accepting. Nelson talks about how Kansas City dealt with Marcus Peters when he was kneeling and holding up his fist, but didn’t mention his antics on the field as a contributing factor in that. His play here in Kansas City left a lot to be desired and now he’s completely burned the bridge between himself, the fans, the organization, and the city at large.

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Former Chiefs and current Steelers CB going off on Kansas City

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3 thoughts on “Former Chiefs player, Steven Nelson, has harsh words for Kansas City

  1. Steven you didnt stay because we didnt offer you to stay. You are not a lock down corner you had way too many holding calls and you got burnt. Dont talk bad about a place just because your feeling got hurt because your not wanted. And as far as kneeling for the National Anthem I’m a 8 year veteran of the US Army been to Iraq Bosnia Kuwait twice and Korea. Lost my best friend to suicide because of PTSD. The men and woman who fought and died bleed out for that flag. There’s other way to protest without disgracing our flag.KC isnt racist we love our football more than our wives. And we come together with friendliness and small town atmosphere. Respect

  2. You were right about Nelson I’m glad he’s gone couldn’t cover a turtle. But you were wrong on racism. It’s not disrespect to the flag. It’s about disrespect to people who are of a different color. Understand that or if you care to understand it. Blacks have fought war and just to come home to being treated like second class citizens. A flag isn’t greater than a human being

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