Stephen Pearcy keeping Ratt classics alive in KC

He may have been without his full compliment of Ratt counterparts, but that hasn’t stopped Stephen Pearcy from cranking out the group’s bombastic hits with his solo band.

After much-publicized in-fighting and social media mud-slinging, it is unlikely that you will see Ratt performing together on a stage any time soon. In fact, there are currently three Ratt spinoffs on the road these days and singer Stephen Pearcy brought his band of merry men to the Scene Rock Bar in Independence, Missouri on Saturday night.


The crowd was light (less than 100) but Pearcy was able to keep the bar patrons happy with a string of Ratt hits including “Lay it Down,” “Lack of Communication,” and “Back for More.” It would have been appropriate to have heard a song or two off Pearcy’s latest solo offering “Smash” but props to him for knowing the audience and allowing them to revel in hair-metal nostalgia for one alcohol-fueled evening.

A cover of Judas Preist’s “Heading out to the Highway” included Pearcy allowing a fan up front to sing a great deal of the final chorus, and “Round and Round,” Ratt’s biggest hit, ended the show at a little after midnight. Pearcy’s vocals, which can be spotty, were very low in the mix and did not distract from the performance and his band was on point in their re-creation of Ratt hits.

After the show concluded, Pearcy invited the remaining fans to a meet and greet in which a small amount of money changed hands for a photo or autograph opportunity. “It’s just a party, come hang out.” he instructed the line of people. Most seemed happy to hand over a 5 spot to slide in for a quick selfie or to share their favorite Ratt moment.


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