NBC Sports’ Smith & Holley attack Tyreek Hill without knowing the facts

NBC Sports’ Brother From Another show with hosts Michael Smith and Michael Holley discuss why it’s hard for them to support Tyreek Hill. They blatantly and so nonchalantly attack his character without knowing the facts of the cases. You would expect more from not only national media members, but a once Boston Globe newspaper columnist in Michael Holley. This is what is wrong with the media today being 24/7 and searching for hot takes to get views. They saw the historic performance Tyreek had on Sunday against the Bucs, but talking about how great it was doesn’t make headlines. Instead, they talk about how they “just can’t” with Tyreek Hill and find it increasingly hard to support him. Now, we bring this to you so that you can watch this one clip to see what these two are all about. Furthermore, then you can make a determination for yourself on whether or not to ever give this show a chance moving forward should it cross your path again. Let us know your thoughts and feelings about what these two had to say in our comments section below!

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What’s wrong with a lot of the so-called “media” today


Update: The video above has been taken down by NBC Sports for obvious reasons

In the video, they talked about the child abuse allegations, but failed to mention him being cleared of that and having custody of his children. They also talked about how uneasy they feel watching him play and liken his situation to that of Adrian Peterson’s who took a “switch” to his son saying that’s how he was taught growing up. NBC Sports obviously saw the negative comments on the video itself as well as this article that you all shared around and could not keep that video on their channel. We can only hope NBC Sports is, at the very least, reprimanding these two for their lack of doing their homework! As always, we here at GASN Sports won’t let harmful and irresponsible words like this go without bringing to your attention so that they can be held responsible as they are right now!

2 thoughts on “NBC Sports’ Smith & Holley attack Tyreek Hill without knowing the facts

  1. It’s so sad that jealousey,,played a big part in there comments. I don’t give a dam that whipped his kiz AZZ,,,I did the same thang (they real good people y’all) and further more I am they Hype Mom,,,,and I will come after yo AZZ with words you can’t explained,,,,keep yo none positive shit in yo AZZ,,,,, cause it’s way to Funky for the Air!!!!!!!!okay funky booty boyz!!!!!! Wipe Wipe Wipe yo SHIT. NOW FLUSH MF FLUSH

  2. NBC Sports, I find it hard to fathom why a national station would not investigate the info that us being used on your programs. It amazes me how many people are not aware of the charges being dropped. That the mother admitted she made the story up, and he has custody. KC fans should not be the ones who have to continually provide the correct information. Tyreek Hill deserves an apology from the two sportscasters as well as from you. You also should run a full page ad in all national papers setting the record state. You should be happy that he doesn’t sue all of you for defamination.

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