What would conference realignment for the SEC look like?

Why not have a little fun while we wait for the college football season to start? A lot of us wonder if they’ll really be able to start the season and if they do, will they be able to complete it. So, we thought we would take a look at conference realignment for the SEC because some of the geography doesn’t make a ton of sense. Of course, all the trips are worth it seeing how the landscape of the SEC is vast and beautiful. Also, realigning the way we do may tip the scales of competitive balance too much off-kilter, but it’s fun nonetheless.

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SEC West Realignment

SEC East Realignment

Conference Realignment for the SEC

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7 thoughts on “What would conference realignment for the SEC look like?

  1. I think it’s a great idea. It eliminates the cross divisional matchups between Auburn and Georgia and Alabama Tennessee. It’s much more fair to the fans as we could then have two home and aways with cross divisional teams. While we are at it, make the Ga/Fl game home and away in their respective home stadiums.

  2. So why not just give LSU a permanent SEC playoff spot, upfront? Meanwhile, the east would have Bama, Auburn, Georgia and Florida mailing each other every year.

    A lame idea. No thanks.

    1. As opposed to the current set up of Bama, Auburn and LSU mauling each other and Georgia walking in from the east as it is now

  3. There needs to be balance at the top of the SEC between East and West. Easiest way to achieve that is move Auburn to the East and Missouri to the West. Alabama and Auburn would be crias rivals. Negative would be that potentially they could play each other one week in the Iron Boel and next week again in the conference championship.

  4. IMO if the CFP goes to 8 teams then both the ACC & SEC as part of the expanded playoff go to 9 conference games. If Auburn moves to the East then Georgia should be Texas A&M’s cross rival. That way LSU would continue to play Florida and Auburn would play Alabama. That would mean the all teams from each division would play each other at least once every 3 years. I do think that the need to make up for Covid financial losses as part of the next round of TV contract the networks may demand 10 conference games to have more quality inventory. If that were the case then I would be up for 2 cross rivals each year to also help maintain traditions. For example if Alabama plays Auburn as their primary cross rival, they could also continue to play Tennesse each year. Texas A&M could continue to play South Carolina and LSU could start playing Kentucky. That way too teams would play a top rival from the other division and and intermediate rival from the other division. On the bottom end of the conference, teams like Vanderbilt and Arkansas would play each other since they have been at the bottom of the conference. With a primary and secondary cross rival each year, with 2 additional cross divisional games, all teams would play each other every 2-3 years.

  5. You have to keep one of the Alabama teams and in the West and move one of the Mississippi teams to the east. That would give both sides 3 or 4 solid teams.

  6. Nope!!! SEC West keeps Bama. East gets Auburn (nobody likes them anyways) and the East can keep BOTH Tennessee teams. No thanks…

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