Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast W/ Jacquez Green

Hosts Noah Gronniger & Clint Switzer are setting the scene for week 4 of the college football season on the Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast. On this week’s show, we look ahead to the big Georgia/Notre Dame matchup and go around the SEC to discuss current storylines.

Former Florida Gators All-American receiver Jacquez Green is interviewed and talks about his journey from the SEC to the NFL to becoming a high school football coach. We are also joined by former South Carolina DT Shaun Smith to talk Mizzou vs. USC & Steve Bono weighs in on UCLA’s current woes.

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Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast
Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast
Join hosts Noah Gronniger & Clint Switzer for a celebration of the passion and pageantry surrounding college football Saturdays in Autumn.
T.J. Moe on Mizzou football attendance
by GASN Sports

Former Mizzou WR and current 590 The Fan radio host T.J. Moe was a guest on the Saturday SuprEmaCy podcast is critical of the Missouri fan base that currently ranks 12th in the SEC in attendance.

T.J. Moe on Mizzou football attendance
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