Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast 10-10-19 W/ Michael Clayton & Carlos Rogers

Week 7 of the college football season is upon us and hosts Clint Switzer & Noah Gronniger are previewing LSU vs. Florida with former LSU WR Michael Clayton.

Not to be outdone, former Auburn All-American corner Carlos Rogers is discussing the difficulty of navigating through the SEC West and talks about his decision to play at Auburn back in the early 2000’s.

Listen to the podcast below

Saturday SuprEmaCy Podcast
Join hosts Noah Gronniger & Clint Switzer for a celebration of the passion and pageantry surrounding college football Saturdays in Autumn.
The Iron Bowl (With Brodie Croyle & Carols Rogers)
by GASN Sports

Breaking down the final regular season weekend of college football and going in depth on the Iron Bowl with former Alabama QB Brodie Croyle and former Auburn All-American CB Carlos Rogers

The Iron Bowl (With Brodie Croyle & Carols Rogers)
Michael Clayton & Carlos Rogers
Sean Salisbury, Herman Moore & Carlos Rogers

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