Are The Kansas City Royals a Playoff Team?

The answer to this question appears to be a resounding no. Ned Yost stated as much tonight during his post-game interview after being asked why the team has a 10-20 record in one-run games.

“When we score, we win, we’re not scoring enough runs” – Ned Yost

The offense has been the problem all year, and Dayton Moore is doing nothing to correct it. Raul Ibanez was a gamble, and not a terrible one considering the circumstances the Royals were in at the time. However, presently Ibanez is becoming a bad bet, and the longer he remains with the club, the worse it gets.

The Royals can’t continue to carry five outfielders, three of which have zero pop. Ibanez needs to be released to open up a roster spot for someone, anyone, who can help the Royals on offense. Who that is remains a mystery.


The crux of the issue is, the Royals really don’t have any good options. Dayton Moore has been unable to find a power bat during his eight year “process”, and he can’t trade for one either. Moore has made one mistake after another during his tenure as General Manager, and most believe it’s time for him to go. The “savors” of the Royal’s organization have become shackles to the organization, and it’s going to cost several people their job.

If things continue as they have, Ned Yost may be first on the chopping block with Dale Sveum taking over as manager, just as he took over for Yost a few years ago in Milwaukee. At the end of the year Royals fans may find themselves being introduced to a new General Manager, a new coaching staff, and a new five year “process”.


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