2 thoughts on “Roger Goodell says “End Racism” will appear in NFL endzones this season

  1. As a veteran it disturbs me to see anyone disrespecting the US flag and the national anthem by kneeling. I would like to recommend that the national anthem be played before the NFL players are allowed to come out of the locker rooms. In addition, the national anthem and any other anthems may be played over speakers in the locker rooms and the players may recognize or react in any way they may choose to. As it is a disgrace to dishonor the American flag, I, like many, will not be watching NFL games if kneeling is continued to be allowed. Please consider this action to respect those in this nation, our deserving veterans, and to preserve the NFL income through its TV revenue.

    Thank you,
    Bill Sharp
    Veteran, US Army
    (303) 693-5064

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