The SEC is, undoubtedly, a haven for college football excellence. The conference has produced more NFL draft picks, All-Americans and national champions than any other in America.

But let’s be honest here, the female talent in and around SEC towns is right up there with the 5-star athletes on the field in most cases. Just like men on the football field, SEC ladies know they have to step their game up, and year-in and year-out, they destroy all other competitors.

Following a 3-month documentary shoot that led us to all 14 SEC football stadiums, we felt that we could objectively and competently take part in these rankings while maintaining all journalistic integrity…

1. Georgia

If you don’t believe me, simply stop in to any campus favorite in Athens and see for yourself. Not only are UGA girls the most beautiful in the SEC, but the entire country. Not only are they ridiculously beautiful, but most Georgia gals are sweeter than sweet tea. Obviously, head football coach Kirby Smart has his fair share of talent playing inside Sanford Stadium each Saturday, but it’s almost impossible for that to rival the female talent around Athens.

2. Ole Miss

Classy southern bells in sundresses make up a large part of the Ole Miss gameday atmosphere. You see these beautiful ladies cavorting around in droves in Oxford, MS on any given college football Saturday. If there is a heaven, and it happens to be a place other than a peaceful gathering in the sky, then it is definitely at the Grove before an Ole Miss home game.

3. Alabama

Bama gals are most definitely into partying, looking good and cheering on their beloved Tide. In fact, Alabama coeds might have the most football knowledge in the SEC and you can never question a beautiful lady in a fedora.

4. Florida

You can’t beat the hot florida sunshine and “The Swamp” is just the place to be on a football Saturday if you are looking for Gator girls. Something about that orange and blue color combination seems to bring out the best in these women, although there seems to have been a bit of a drop-off in talent since Tim Tebow graduated…

5. Auburn

The plains of Auburn, AL have always been extremely kind to the female gender. Perhaps it is because Auburn girls have a chip on their shoulder, much like the football team always seems to do when playing rival Alabama. Regardless of reasoning, Auburn gals definitely know how to have a good time and better yet…they actually watch the game too!

6. South Carolina

There is something about this state in general that captures the imagination like almost no other. South Carolina boasts beautiful scenery and certainly a plethora of endearing ladies. Not only are Gamecock coeds strikingly beautiful, but you can probably imagine some of the inappropriate shirts that some of these girls are probably wearing in Columbia?

7. Tennessee

Tennessee girls definitely make you wish that you were also born on a rocky top down in the Tennessee hills. Knoxville is a tremendous college football town, and the coeds never disappoint. That bright, gaudy orange color looks much better on the female Vol crowd than it does on the football team itself.

8. Mizzou

Don’t look now but Mizzou is starting to make headway on the field as well as in the female department. It’s almost as if university wide mandates were sent out the minute Missouri officially joined the SEC, but give huge props to these ladies for stepping it up along with their football team.

9. LSU

Take it from us, these bayou beauties do not smell like corndogs, despite some of the urban legends out there. There’s not a better nighttime atmosphere in all of college sports and the amped-up female crowd is a huge part of it.

10. Arkansas

As with Arkansas football, Razorback girls are a tad hit-and-miss. Arkansas definitely boasts its’ fair share of hotties, but the fact that they have to yell “woo pig sooie” at sporting events is going to automatically deduct a few points. Arkansas has a rabid and win-starved fanbase and the ladies of Arkansas are right up there with the guys when it comes to super-fandom.

11. Kentucky

There is a lot of female talent down in the bluegrass state, but you have to rate them near the bottom of the conference for the simple fact that they would rather attend a basketball game than a football game (not all their fault btw). However Ashley Judd is a fan which almost makes up for UK’s lack of football prowess.

12. Texas A&M

Males make up over 53% of the enrollment at Texas A&M, but that’s not to say that the lady Aggies are lost in the mix. You might have to look a little harder to find them, but Aggie girls most definitely know how to party and how to cheer on their football team in a respectable manor on Saturday’s. And trust us, it’s always a good thing to be welcomed to Aggieland with open arms by some of the best fans in sports.

13. Mississippi State

Not quite up to par with their neighbors in Oxford, Mississippi State girls are going to have to step it up in the near future to avoid being dropped to dead last in the conference. Starkville, MS is not exactly a destination town and associating a female with the deafening sound of cowbells is not exactly a turn-on.

14. Vanderbilt

Vandy fans typically find themselves unhappy after football games and that is something that is hard to recover from, especially when you are dealing with a school that has under 13,000 total students enrolled. If you can get your hands on a Vanderbilt chick, definitely hold on for dear life, however, as they will one day be supporting you comfortably.

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5 thoughts on “Ranking the female fanbases of the SEC”
  1. Over 100 pictures of women and not a single African American. I had thought the south was no longer segregated.

    1. There are many beautiful ladies in all 14 SEC towns of all races and ethnicities and you are correct, they all do deserve proper representation!

  2. Mizzou has much hotter chicks than you showed. Our cheerleaders are by far hotter than the rest of the SEC. Go to any Mizzou football game and see for yourself. Cheerleaders vs all others and then our Golden Girls are top 3 in the Nation.

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