Ranking the SEC basketball uniforms

The SEC is a conference steeped in football tradition. Teams like Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee are instantaneously recognizable  based on their unique uniforms alone. With SEC slowly making its way back to respectability, I wanted to take a look at which teams have the most pleasing threads in 2017.

1. Kentucky

The look has been tweaked over the years, but the top program in the SEC always maintains eye-pleasing uniforms. The checkerboard piping on the side of the jersey and shorts are a great addition and the road blues are equally as satisfying

2. Florida

.Florida boats, perhaps, the best color combination in college athletics and Nike always manages to bless them with visually striking unis. The home whites are some of the cleanest looking uniforms in the country and an improved team with a newly-renovated arena has only helped program visibility.

3. Ole Miss

Huge fan of the upgrades Ole Miss has made recently with the script “Ole Miss” newly added which works well on the road blue uniforms as well. It was also perfect time for a re-boot considering the team debuted in their shiny, brand-new Pavillion at Ole Miss just a year ago.

4. Georgia

Georgia sports an underrated look and is a program trying to get to the next level under coach Mark Fox. The bright red road uniforms are their best and definitely make them stand out.

5. Auburn

Under Armor has been good to Auburn and their latest uniforms reflect a perfect mix of old and new. Definitely a nod to the Charles Barkley era while also managing to look sleek and streamlined.

6. LSU

What the Tigers have lacked in basketball success, they make up for with style. The large “LSU” letters on the chest with the simple trim give the team a presentable look even when they are wildly underachieving.

7. Missouri

Missouri upgraded back in 2012 when they joined the SEC and the on-court results have been disastrous. The uniforms aren’t awful, but they don’t exactly wow you either. Perhaps it’s time for a uni re-launch (as well as a coaching re-launch).

8. Tennessee

The switch from Adidas to Nike was a good one for the University but there’s still just…So.Much.Orange. Tennessee does get points for one of the cooler shorts side-stripes in the SEC.

9. South Carolina

These are just kind of…Blah. They don’t really stand out, although the black road uniforms slightly evoke images of the 1997 team which is the last SC team before now that was good at basketball.

10. Arkansas

Arkansas should be committed to replicating the uniforms that they wore in the mid-90’s, way back when “40 Minutes of Hell” actually worked. There are certainly worse uniforms out there but the Razorbacks are deducted a few spots just for the unnecessary charcoal unis alone.

11. Alabama

Nothing about these uniforms says “national champions” quite like the football teams’ do.The font is boring and the thick piping around the neck is less than flattering.

12. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt’s color of gold is just not conducive to eye-pleasing uniforms. It’s dull and boring, much like Vanderbilt’s current basketball team.

13. Mississippi State

This is a case of simplicity hurting a uniform and Mississippi State’s involvement with Adidas has never helped matters. It’s a drab color combination to begin with but these are simply not very good.

14. Texas A&M

Seriously, why? The over-the-top striping on the waist, knees and shoulders are egregious to say the least. Two Adidas schools at the bottom? Not shocking at all considering their shaky track record.

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