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Rained out! 5 thoughts on Missouri’s indefensible loss to Kentucky

The roller coaster ride that is being a Missouri football fan during the Barry Odom era took another wild plunge downward on a rain-soaked Kroger Field in Lexington on Saturday.

5 thoughts on Missouri’s 29-7 loss to Kentucky

  1. This team has looks completely different on the road. The sample size is now large enough to deduce that this team has trouble playing on the road. The truth is, three of Missouri’s most winnable games of the season so far have come on the road and all three have resulted in back-breaking losses. In each of the three losses, the team has been flat, emotionless and have been outplayed. Kentucky beat Missouri by 22 points despite playing a receiver at QB that completed a total of 3 passes (although he did rush for over 200 yards).
  2. The offense has completely tanked. Kelly Bryant tweaked his hamstring early in the game and never looked comfortable leading the offense. Receivers are rarely open, and when they are Bryant does not find them. The running game is not helping much either at this point in time but the biggest disappointment in all of this has to be the offensive line which has been physically dominated each of the past two weeks.
  3. Missouri fans have every right to be livid right now. This team had no excuses not to win 9 games this season against this schedule and now they are looking to limp to 7. That’s not a good season by any stretch of the imagination given the expectations, schedule and roster under 4th year coach Barry Odom. Depending on how things play out the rest of the season, it may not be a slam-dunk that Odom returns next year given these disastrous losses. During Odom’s tenure, it’s been a story of one step forward and two steps back which has divided the fan base repeatedly.
  4. The team isn’t “taking care of business outside the facility.” This was stated by offensive lineman Trystan Colon-Castillo following the loss which makes you wonder if there’s a large amount of divide in the locker room.

5. At least there is a bye week. This team clearly needs a week to decompress. Two weeks ago, Mizzou was ranked and sitting in first place in the SEC East. Now they are going to have to circle the wagons once again which won’t be easy with games against Georgia (on the road) and Florida coming up after the bye. Four straight losses could be very possible at this point and Tennessee comes to Columbia after that (a team that is actually improving). Thus far in his tenure, Barry Odom has been at his best when the world wants him fired and has written his teams completely off so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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