PM15 Podcast Episode 4 W/ Joe Theismann, Albert Haynesworth & Sean Salisbury

NFL Week 1 is upon us and we have your back right here on the PM15 Podcast as we welcome Joe Theismann, Sean Salisbury and Albert Haynesworth to give their thoughts on what makes Patrick Mahomes so great.

Listen to the Podcast below

PM15 Podcast
PM15 Podcast
The official PM 15 Podcast is dedicated to the growing legacy of Chiefs MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes featuring weekly guests and expert analysis.
Steve Bono Interview
by GASN Sports

Former Chiefs QB Steve Bono recalls his days in Kansas City leading the Chiefs to a 13-3 record in 1995 only to fall to the Colts in the playoffs. Hosts Clint Switzer and Noah Gronniger break down the Chiefs win over Oakland and look ahead to a key AFC battle with Baltimore.

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