Former NFL RB Peyton Hillis speaks out about his time playing at Arkansas

In a recent sit-down interview for the upcoming SEC football documentary Saturday SuprEmaCy, former Razorback Peyton Hillis opened up about his time playing at Arkansas and what the university means to him now.

Excerpts from that interview are now available via this The Elite Sports Podcast and Youtube as Peyton voiced displeasure with his treatment by Arkansas since graduating from the school in 2007. Hillis (a current resident of Northwest Arkansas) is not too pleased with the way things have gone at his Alma mater of late.

“(Arkansas) doesn’t mean a lot to me now honestly.” Hillis stated during the interview. “They’re not going back to their roots, they’re not getting any Arkansas guys that actually care about the university.”

Watch our interview with Peyton Hillis below

Listen to the complete podcast interview

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