Kansas City Chiefs star corner back Marcus Peters is cousins with one of the NFL’s most interesting personalities in Oakland Raiders running back, Marshawn Lynch. They are both from the Oakland area and not only extremely loyal to that area, but the people and more importantly, the family from it. Marshawn even went as far as running onto the field earlier in the season in Oakland to help protect that family, even though Marcus is an opposing player of a historic rival, proving family really does come first. Below are some of videos of Marcus and Marshawn that shed a better light on the duo than the incident on the field that day in Oakland. After that game, Marshawn was suspended for 1 game and fans in Kansas City started questioning whether the star corner was worth the trouble. 

Did you know Marcus almost burnt down Marshawn’s house? Also, there is some controversy on an apparent Go-Kart championship that Marcus may or may not have won. And if you haven’t been thrilled with Marcus’ antics this season you will enjoy watching his skydiving failed attempt. 

Marcus almost burnt down Marshawn’s house! 

Marcus Peters Tells the Story of Almost Burning Marshawn's House Down

Marcus Peters nearly burned down Marshawn’s house once 🔥 🚒

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Marcus Peters and Marshawn Lynch race Go-Karts 

S1:E7 Marshawn Crashes a Go-Kart

Marshawn gets his Ricky Bobby on 🏎.

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Controversy brews over the Go-Kart champion



Marshawn laughs at Marcus’ attempt at “skydiving” 


video courtesy: Bleacher Report “No Script With Marshawn Lynch”


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