Pacquiao vs. Thurman live updates

Las Vegas- Live from the MGM Grand Garden arena, the WBA Welterweight title is on the line as 40-year old Manny Pacquiao faces off against undefeated Super Champion Keith Thurman.

The event is available on Pay-Per-View via Fox Sports and we will be live at the MGM Grand covering this exciting bout as well. Check here for live updates from the fight as Keith Thurman tires to cement his legacy in the biggest fight of his career.


Partisan Pacquiao crowd as he comes to the ring to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Announced crowd of over 14,000 wildly cheering for Pacquiao during fighter introductions while Keith Thurman remains energetic and confident.

Round 1

“Manny Manny” chants breaking out around the arena as the bell sounds. Both fighters aggressive early. Furious combo by Pacquiao and the crowd is standing. Thurman being more methodical and lures Pacquiao into the rops. Furious right hook sends Thurman to the canvas. He’s up but the crowd is going insane.

Round 2

Crowd still chanting as we begin round 2. Fighters are cautious to start things but Pacquiao is furiously attacking to the body. Pacquiao looks 10 years younger at this point and is dictating the pace. Shots to the body and face and Thurman is reeling. Pacquiao continues to back Thurman up with combos and the crowd is on its feet as we end round 2 with another clear victory for Pacquiao.

Round 3

Thurman traps Pacquiao in the corner yet fails to capitalize. Brutal jab backs Thurman up. Combo to the head and Thurman is still trying to figure the rhythm of this fight out. Great left hook from Thurman and it’s a punch he had to have. Round ends with Thurman scoring to the body but it’s clearly 3-0 Pacquiao.

Round 4

Body shots galore from Pacquiao to start round 4. Thurman attacking but Manny is not phased and backs him up with a few ineffective jabs. Pacquiao scores big and tags Thurman and continues backing him up with rights to the face. Manny extremely aggressive and Thurman is covering up for dear life. Pacquiao teeing off at will while Thurman has no idea what to do. Another round another Pacquiao win.

Round 5

Thurman aggressive and tagging Pacquiao against the ropes, first real flury that counted for Thurman. Tough action to call as Thurman’s momentum is halted and Pacquiao gets back to dictating pace. Monster right hand and Thurman is reeling. He’s covering up and Pacquiao is going for it. Furious combos to the head and absolutely murders Thurman with a shot that sends the rowd into a frenzy. Round ends with Thurman dazed.

Round 6

Pacquiao smells blood and is well in control. Pacquiao still crisp, quick and confident, ambitious shot snaps Thurman’s head back again. Monster hook from Thurman but lets Pacquiao off and does not follow up. Pacquiao wows crowd once again with a show that sends Thurman into the ropes. Tough round to call, Thurman could have won that one 10-9.

Round 7

Round 7 and both fighters are methodically feeling out the situation. Thurman with a straight right and it hurt Manny. Left jab connects for Thurman and Thurman has momentum in this round. Now it’s Pacquiao landing devastating blows. It’s run and gun boxing, all offense but it’s likely another round for Thurman.

Round 8

No clear aggressor here as both fighters swinging and missing early. Thurman misses high and Pacquiao counters with shots to the head including a stiff jab. Strong, fast combo from Manny and a left hook, great action here in round 8. Flury against the ropes from Manny and he’s feeling it now, Thurman is hurt. Tough round to call, could go either way on the score card.

Round 9

Stiff jabs making Thurman the early aggressor. Thurman sets up a solid body shot while Pacquiao has yet to come forward with anything meaningful. Thurman against on the offensive and is not giving ground, jab and cross combo has Pacquiao reeling a bit but he comes back with a flurry of his own and we have a magnificent round of boxing. This round has to go to Thurman.

Round 10

Thurman comes out aggressive and leads with a right hand that is keeping him in front of Manny effectively. Could we see a second wind from Pacquiao? Yes, he backs up Thurman with a straight rightNow it’s Manny and he has Thurman in trouble he’s landing vicious shots and Thurman has to tie up to keep from going down. He unleashes more punches against the ropes and Thurman is covering up for dear life and missing wildly with counters. Manny wins this round and is well in control.

Round 11

Pacquiao scores big to the body and Thurman is reeling again as the crowd rises to its collective feet anticipating a stoppage. Action slows down until Thurman counters with meaningful shots. Murderous jab from Pacquiao though and Thurman is now trying to chase punches and points. Likely another Manny round here as the crowd can sense an epic victory.

Round 12

Standing ovation for Pacquiao as round 12 begins. Feeling out process here as Thurman appears to have little left. Pacquiao keeping him at bay although Keith is scoring a few blows in the process. Back comes Pacquiao with shots that are landing and hurting Thurman again. Thurman trying to clinch which has been a rarity tonight. It’s all she wrote and Manny will be the winner.

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