5 most one-dimensional college sports fan bases

Most college sports fan bases consist largely of alumni who attended the school as well as a healthy mixture of geographic fans and, almost assuredly, a few bandwagon fans as well. In large part, fans of college athletics tend to support the school and the sports that are tied to their University of choice.

But there are a few fan bases that are known for being catastrophically one-dimensional. This usually occurs when a specific university is dominant (or has rich history) in one sport and is typically an afterthought in another. This leads to thousands of fans that have no tie to the school, region or athletic department whatsoever.



1. Kansas Basketball Fans

The game of basketball was perfected in Lawrence, Kansas by the inventor of the game itself, James Naismith. KU fans treat basketball like a religion and over 16,000 fans show up to worship at the church of Allen Fieldhouse whether the Jayhawks are playing a Big XII rival or an exhibition game against a team of traveling midgets. But have you ever had a KU fan tell you that they “don’t care about football?” You may have heard it once or twice, and it is undoubtedly true. Kansas has become one of the five worst power-five conference programs on the gridiron and since many KU fans have no ties to the school itself, they have all but forgotten about the season of fall in general. I mean, it’s understandable if a particular fan bases chooses not to follow men’s diving or something, but to brush the most popular sport in America aside is a tad comical.

a sleepy KU football fan takes a nap during a football game.
a sleepy KU football fan takes a nap during a football game.


2. Notre Dame Football Fans

The math never quite worked out in this situaiton. Notre Dame is a private school that has an enrollment of 12,000, yet there never fails to be 80,000 people shuffling in and out of Notre Dame Stadium for each home game in the fall. Notre Dame football is really a brand, like Nike or McDonalds, and the history and tradition of the Irish has led to a country full of overzealous fans. Notre Dame, shockingly, plays other sports too, yet you never really hear about them as the shadow of the football program is so far reaching.



3. Duke Basketball Fans

Duke became a basketball power starting in the 1980’s under head coach Mike Krzyzewski and the fan base has only become large and more annoying over the years. Duke is a “love em or hate em” type institution as the school itself is known for two things: academics and hoops. They really represent white-collar America and the “Cameron Crazies” are well-known in college basketball as being some of the most rabid in the nation. Duke football actually has been decent the last few years, but a lackluster stadium and a lack of consistent fan support could be hurtful in the long run.

Are the fans at an open basketball practice?
Are the fans at an open basketball practice?



4. Kentucky Basketball Fans

Kentucky boasts the best basketball program and fans in America. No matter the game or situation, Rupp Arena is always rocking with 24,000 rabid hoops fans who live only to see the Wildcats win another national title. Since Kentucky is a part of the SEC, they have no choice but to embrace football, and unlike Kansas fans, they genuinely try to enjoy the game of football. More often than not though, the team under performs and the fans slowly start thinking about basketball again and yearning for long, cold winter.




5. Georgia Football Fans

When it comes to football, Georgia fans are among the best in the SEC, consistently selling out Sanford Stadium and creating a tremendous atmosphere for their beloved Bulldogs. UGA fans, however, can be notorious for leaving everything they have at the football alter and sitting out other key sporting events. You are more likely to walk into Stegemen Coliseum for a basketball game and be able to hear coaches yelling from the bench and sneakers squeaking on the court than you are to see a capacity crowd.


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