BREAKING NEWS: NFL shortens preseason and details its plan of action

The NFL will shorten its 2020 preseason to two games. The league is cancelling Weeks 1 and 4 of the first released preseason schedule. As of now, players will still report to training camp on July 28. The first preseason games will take place Aug. 20-24. While the remaining week of preseason games are scheduled for Aug. 27-31. Also, each team will receive one home game and one road game which details are still sketchy on. For instance, the Kansas City Chiefs have the Cardinals and Cowboys on the road in preseason weeks 2 and 3, but now one of those will need to be changed to a home game we assume?

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More Preseason Details

Teams will be traveling the day before the game. Most teams training camps will start July 28th and be at their home facilities, closed to the public. They also may have to quarantine for two weeks before leaving for camp. The NFL and NFLPA are still working out and finalizing all protocols and guidelines for the 23 days of training camp needed before the preseason games start.

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