NFL, players come to agreement on COVID testing during training camp

The NFL and its players have officially reached an agreement on COVID- 19 testing for training camp as players begin to report in the next couple of weeks.

The agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association would require daily COVID-19 testing for the first two weeks of training camp. After two weeks, if the positive test rate is below 5%, the league would scale back to testing every other day. If the positive test rate is not below 5%, they will continue with daily testing until such time as it falls below that number.

If at any point during training camp the positivity rate rises to 5% or higher, that would trigger a return to daily testing.

After arriving at the team facility, players and team employees will require a test twice before being allowed in. So, if you arrive on Day 1, take a test, go home, then show up on Day 2, take a test, go home, and if both come back negative, you can go into the building and get to work.

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