Eli Drinkwitz picked up in 2021 right where he left off with regards to recruiting when he added Ohio State transfer and former four-star WR Mookie Cooper to the roster.

Cooper did not catch a pass for the Buckeyes as a true freshman in 2020 but will still have four years of eligibility at Mizzou. As of now, Cooper would not be eligible until the 2022 season, however, the NCAA is scheduled to vote on a measure later this month that would allow athletes to transfer one time without sitting out.

Mookie Cooper Talks Mizzou Commitment

GASN Sports: Being from the St Louis area, how does it feel to come home to play for the Missouri Tigers?

Cooper: It feels good to come home and know I can represent the state/city and be loved forever by my people.

GASN Sports: What is your relationship like with Coach Eli drinkwitz and this staff at Mizzou?

Cooper: Things had to move fast, but I felt coach drink was the guy who had it out for me and had a plan for my career. I feel it will grow over time but as of now we are good and I like him.

GASN Sports: Do you have any regrets about going to Ohio State out of high school or do you feel like that experience was a big part of your journey?

Cooper: I have regretted but I’ve learned to accept everything that happens in my life. I feel like it’s just fuel you know? I got nothing to prove just something to stand on. I feel I can play with anybody in the country.

GASN Sports: The staff that Missouri has been pulling in some big-time talent, how important is that to you and have some of those guys been reaching out to you throughout this process?

Cooper: I been tied in with Jay Maclin before I even entered the portal. He’s the one who I kind of leaned on to get an idea of what’s going on at Mizzou.

GASN Sports: How big of an impact did Missouri’s 2020 season have on you? Many picked the Tigers to have a less-than-stellar season but they were able to go 5-5 and turn some heads in the SEC.

Cooper: They played an all sec schedule with some give or take games but that doesn’t too much bother me. I’m here to help improve this team and we gone do that anyway we can.

GASN Sports: Are you hoping to help bring in other in state players with you?

Cooper: For sure, hoping we get some guys to see what’s being built in the New Zou and get them on this journey with us.

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