Former LSU WR Michael Clayton unveils “Run Tiger Run” song

You would be hard pressed to find a former LSU Tiger that has as much pride and passion for the program as former WR Michael Clayton.

Clayton was a key cog of the 2003 BCS Championship team coached by Nick Saban and has maintained a close connection with the program ever since. Now a radio host in Tampa, Clayton has been a frequent guest on our Saturday SuprEmacy podcast this season and has shared many poignant thoughts about the about the current team and his relationship with LSU Ed Orgeron.

I got an opportunity to be creative. I’m not a rapper, that’s not what I do I’m a writer. I’m a content provider” Clayton said on a recent appearance on the Saturday SuprEmaCy podcast. “I was expecting our LSU Tigers to be #1 when they weren’t #1. It gives the LSU fans something to enjoy, something that’s different. Joe burrow is a bad boy, the other end is the lifeline, the receivers and I wanted to give those guys a tribute.”

Listen to Michael Clayton’s “Run Tiger Run”

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