Patrick Mahomes has a 1-on-1 interview on T.V. tonight

After an MVP season Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is getting flooded with with requests, but he can’t accept them all. However, he will be appearing on television tonight for a 1-on-1 interview on NFL Network’s show, NFL Total Access, at 7pm ET (6pm CST). This should be a satellite feed from training camp in St. Joe as training camps are still underway. It will be an opportunity for fans to hear about Mahomes’ offseason development and his thoughts on how camp has been going thus far. Make sure you tune or set your DVR’s to record NFL Total Access at 6pm central tonight!

Russell Wilson will be doing a 1-on-1 interview on NFL Total Access tonight as well

Patrick Mahomes giving Tyreek Hill a boost up to run CBS’ camera

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