WATCH: Mahomes drops new video ‘This is home’

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes just dropped a new video telling the fans that they are just getting started. He goes on to say that this is home and for the next 12 years, at the very least, it sure is. Mahomes recently signed a 10-year extension to add onto the 2 years he already has remaining on his rookie deal. The Chiefs have the best quarterback in the league for the long-term and have set a new quarterback market. A market that other teams will be forced to come close to, match, or even exceed with far less talented options at the position. As they say in the Chiefs kingdom, it’s good to be king! For the foreseeable future, the Super Bowl LIV Champions are looking to rule over the NFL kingdom for the next decade plus!

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Mahomes’ new video ‘This is home’

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