Patrick Mahomes’ text helped secure Chris Jones’ deal

Patrick Mahomes took a team-friendly deal, when you see how it’s structured, with the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this month. That along with a timely and reassuring text from the star quarterback helped Chris Jones feel at ease. It’s not often a player puts the team, his teammates, and a potential dynasty above his own wants and needs, but that’s exactly what Patrick Mahomes has done here. Chris Jones detailed his feelings throughout the process as well as Patrick’s text to him during Monday’s press conference with the media.

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Chris Jones on Patrick Mahomes’ text to him

“I had a feeling the deal was going to get done. When Pat’s deal got done … Pat text me and said let’s get this thing done, I left some on the table, let’s get this thing done. That’s when I had the security that mean and the Chiefs were going to work something out. I was confident in that.”

– Chris Jones

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