Mahomes needs to set this NFL record to hold off Rodgers & win 2nd MVP

The 2020 battle for NFL MVP has had many different names comes and go. Ben Roethlisberger was a candidate when the Steelers were undefeated, but they’re in the middle of a 3 game skid. Josh Allen’s name has been on and off the list more than Daniel-san had to wax on and wax off Mr. Miyagi’s cars. Even the great Tom Brady, now in Tampa Bay, was on the list until that woeful 5 QBR vs. the Saints in week 9 (QBR rates a quarterback’s overall impact and performance on a scale from 1-100). Now, the MVP list has whittled it’s way down to the final two candidates, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.

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Mahomes vs. Rodgers – QB Comparison

Patrick Mahomes (13-1)Aaron Rodgers (11-3)
4,462 yards 3,828 yards
67 comp%69 comp%
36 TD40 TD
Remaining Games: vs. ATL, vs. LACRemaining Games: vs. TEN, @ CHI

Aaron Rodgers has a slight advantage over Patrick in a few key categories such as completion percentage, touchdowns, and 1 fewer interception. However, if Patrick Mahomes can get to 5,000 yards, and he only needs 269 yards in each of his final two games, that would be hard for voters to overlook. Assuming the Chiefs win out against the Falcons and Chargers at home, Mahomes would have the best record in the league by at least 2 games. Pair the 5,000 yards and best record along with 40+ TD’s and you have your 2020 NFL MVP.

5,000+ passing yards & 40+ TD’s

Only 5 other times in NFL history has a quarterback accomplished such a feat, including Patrick Mahomes back in 2018. Should Patrick reach these numbers, that would put him in rarefied air as Drew Brees is the only player to have done it twice. Drew was 32 and 33 years old when he threw for 5,000+ yards and 40+ TD’s. Now, if Patrick does it this year he will have done it at 23 and 25 years of age. That would set a record by making him the youngest player in NFL history to throw for 5,000+ yards and 40+ TD’s twice in his first 3 years starting. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Patrick Mahomes will be your 2020 NFL MVP. After winning the MVP his first year starting, then following that up with Super Bowl MVP, he now looks to combine both awards this season.

All-Time Single Season 5,000+ Passing Yards

1Peyton Manning5,477Denver Broncos2013
2Drew Brees5,476New Orleans Saints2011
3Tom Brady5,235New England Patriots2011
4Drew Brees (2)5,208New Orleans Saints2016
5Drew Brees (3)5,177New Orleans Saints2012
6Drew Brees (4)5,162New Orleans Saints2013
7Ben Roethlisberger5,129Pittsburgh Steelers2018
8Jameis Winston5,109Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
9Patrick Mahomes5,097Kansas City Chiefs2018
10Dan Marino5,084Miami Dolphins1984
11Drew Brees (5)5,069New Orleans Saints2008
12Matthew Stafford5,038Detroit Lions2011
*Drew Brees has thrown for 5,000+ yards 5 different times

All-Time Single Season 40+ Passing TD’s

1Peyton Manning (37)552013DEN
2Tom Brady (30)502007NWE
Patrick Mahomes (22)502018KAN
4Peyton Manning (28)492004IND
5Dan Marino (22)481984MIA
6Drew Brees (32)462011NOR
7Aaron Rodgers (27)452011GNB
8Dan Marino (24)441986MIA
9Drew Brees (33)432012NOR
10Matthew Stafford (23)412011DET
Kurt Warner (28)411999STL
12Andrew Luck (24)402014IND
Aaron Rodgers (32)402016GNB
Aaron Rodgers (36)402020GNB
*Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 40+ TD’s 3 different times

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