Patrick Mahomes disrespected on NFL Top 100 list

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, burst onto the NFL scene in his first year starting with 50 TD’s and over 5,000 yards passing. He also took home the league’s highest honor, the Most Valuable Player award! When it came to the NFL Top 100 players list everyone assumed that Patrick would be #1, but we got a shocking result when he came up as the #4 player.

The third ranked player was Khalil Mack, the second ranked player was Drew Brees and the first ranked player was Aaron Donald. Maybe a few voters were upset that Mahomes made them look so silly in his first year starting because short of that there is no way that entering the 2019 season Patrick Mahomes is the 4th best player in the league.

The reigning MVP with all his weapons and more at his disposal to go along with a revamped defense; I’d say this puts a chip on his shoulder that the league isn’t ready to defend!

Patrick Mahomes #4 on NFL Top 100

Patrick Mahomes #4 on NFL Top 100


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