Happy Birthday Louie Aguiar: Fake Punt Video and Interview

We hear at GASN Sports want to wish Louie Aguiar the happiest of birthdays and what better way to celebrate our favorite Kansas City Chiefs punter than delving into the mastery of his fake punt! Week 13 of the 1997 season the Chiefs traveled to the Kingdome to take on the Seahawks in what was then an AFC West battle. It appeared to be a routine 4th down punt for the Chiefs, but this was anything but your ordinary punt. Louie Aguiar launched a ball in the air in much the same trajectory as a punt would be, but his intended target wasn’t the opponent. Louie launched a bomb inside the 5 yard line where Chiefs wide receiver, Kevin Lockett, made a leaping grab before being tackled at the 1 yard line. So without further ado, let’s get to this glorious video and our interview with Louie as he describes the play and the week leading up to it in full detail. Enjoy!

Louie Aguiar’s Fake Punt Video/Interview


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