KCTV5: Response to Tyreek Hill Audio Release (video)

KCTV5’s news director, Casey Clark, went on their locker room show to discuss why the full Tyreek Hill and Crystal Espinal audio recording in the Dubai International Airport wasn’t released.

KCTV5’s Response via Casey Clark

Casey Clark’s Twitter

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2 thoughts on “KCTV5: Response to Tyreek Hill Audio Release (video)

  1. So you didn’t want to put Tyreek saying something about not wanting to be a father. Instead you put the part on the news that made him sound abusive. You guys don’t give a shit how you made Tyreek look and to come out now and say you couldn’t live with yourself if you ok it the whole type out cause of one thing he said is bullshit. That explanation (Casey)did NOT make you look better for doing what you did. Honestly it made me think you’re even more full of shit than I thought before. You made Tyreek look like a monster and made a lot of people jump to the wrong conclusion so if that’s journalism to you than you’re the monster

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