Kansas City Chiefs Offseason: What Should Veach Do?

Some of you are looking at the title of this article and are probably thinking what is this crazy Chiefs nut writing about. Well my name is a Dillon Humphreys and I am a new contributor to GASN Sports. This article is about what General Manager Brett Veach should do?

There has been a lot of speculations around the league already revolving potential free agents and where they might land. Some are saying the Chiefs should go after Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell or others and make this offense even more high powered. In reality, however, do you really think the Steelers would trade AB or Bell to an AFC contender who already made it to the Championship game without those stellar players? That scenario is not happening, but if it did happen then that would be some crazy fire power for Andy Reid to draw up plays with. Will Veach do it? I’m on a limb about this because he has made some bold moves, but I don’t think he will take that chance and hurt us in cap space in the long run.

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown
(Trade block)

We are young and have a lot of talent within the organization. Should Veach do it? No, I don’t think he should go after a player like Brown, or Bell. Our offense is good enough. There are also talks of if we will keep both Houston and tag Dee Ford. I think if Houston was willing to restructure then yes, we could keep them both but that will not be happening. Houston is more than likely cut or maybe the Chiefs can trade him for a late round pick. I believe we will tag Dee Ford and move on from Justin Houston. I believe Veach will tag Ford and move on from Houston and I believe that is the best move for the Chiefs organization.

Free Agent Safety, Landon Collins

The one free agent we should go after should be Giants Safety Landon Collins. He can be vital in the back end of our defense. Up and coming Charvarius Ward and Kendall Fuller along with a top defensive draft pick will help the defense get significantly better. These players paired with the youth from this past draft can help the Defense of Kansas City become much stronger. I think Veach will make one crazy bold move in free agency and I believe it should be Collins but he there are numerous defensive backs that he could end up landing and moving here to Kansas City. Dee Ford leading the linebackers and pass rush. Landon Collins paired up with a healthy Berry, Jordan Lucas and Armani Watts.

New Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo

A top tier cornerback will also need to be drafted to play alongside Fuller and Ward. Then, Chris Jones leading the bulk of the defensive line. Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo could have a lot of fun with this potential defense. How much of this could actually happen? Well, tagging Ford and landing Collins will be hard, but cutting Houston could help move some money to land a player like Collins. The most ideal thing that has a pretty good chance at happening for sure is the Chiefs going heavy on defense in the draft. I hope Veach and the Chiefs are aggressive and do whatever it takes to get this defense to a stage of mediocre talent compared to the rest of the league. A mediocre defense and this offense led by the NFL MVP could get us to the Super Bowl. #LetsRoll

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