Kansas City Chiefs: Monday Mailbag 4/15/19

Welcome into another edition of our Kansas City Chiefs Monday Mailbag as we answer your fan questions for the week. We haven’t had a ton of Chiefs news lately other than the signing of linebacker Jeremiah Attachou for depth and, if healthy, a possible strong contributor. Mainly, we all still await news about the Tyreek Hill situation and then what the Chiefs plan is moving froward after the news comes down. Today we have 3 questions as the offseason is in full swing and there hasn’t been much news lately, but we will attack each one of them as we would even if we had 10 questions! So without further ado, let’s get right to them!

Moving Back in the Draft

I actually wouldn’t be that shocked if Brett Veach and the Chiefs moved back in the draft this year. This year is known for being a deep defensive draft and if the Chiefs top targets are all gone by their pick I could see them moving back for the next guy on their list. The Chiefs could then use that extra ammunition in a trade for Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson or Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes. I’d also like this strategy as more picks would give the Chiefs the luxury of selecting some offensive skill players without feeling like they missing a chance of bolstering the defensive side. The Chiefs could really use a true slot receiver which could be a safety blanket for Patrick Mahomes much like Julian Edelman has become for Tom Brady. The Chiefs could also use another body in the backfield for competition for Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde. Backup tight end is another key position for the Chiefs after losing Incompletrius Harris to the Cleveland Browns. I would love to see the Chiefs fill at least two of those spots in the draft and order of importance would be backup tight end, slot receiver and then another running back.

Chiefs @ Patriots to Open the Season

The Thursday Night Football opening game of the entire NFL season will be the Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears. Meanwhile, the Patriots will defend their championship at home on Sunday Night Football and the early rumblings are that their opponent will be the Kansas City Chiefs. This still remains to be official word as the 2019 NFL Schedule will be released Thursday, April 18th. I do think the Chiefs will get the nod and we will get the rematch of the AFC Championship game. This would be a great early test not only for Patrick Mahomes once again against a formidable defensive mind in Bill Belichick. It would also be a great early test for this new look Steve Spagnuolo defense against one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in Tom Brady.

What’s Next for the New Look Chiefs

Yes, we did lose Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Eric Berry, but none of them showed up in the AFC Championship game when we needed them most. Justin was a ghost, Eric was getting torched by a man who would retire soon, and Dee was in the neutral zone on a play that would have sent us to the Super Bowl. They were good players, but the Chiefs feel that new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo can scheme up pressures with less talented players like Bill Belichick does. Also, quarterbacks are getting rid of the ball faster and faster almost rendering the edge rushers useless as they just start too far away from the ball to get home in time. The Chiefs are trying to bolster their secondary to reroute receivers and throw the timing off for the quarterback allowing Steve Spagnuolo time for his blitzes to get to the quarterback.

As we move forward the Chiefs want to get younger and more versatile in their front seven instead of counting on one or two players to dominate. The Chiefs ran into the problem of focusing on Eric Berry, Dee Ford and Justin Houston too much because if they didn’t show up, like the AFC Championship game, then there is no plan b. The Chiefs will look to keep adding to this defense in the draft and I wouldn’t be surprised about a trade for Patrick Peterson or Xavier Rhodes. Time will tell if Steve Spagnuolo can scheme up the front 7 well enough to consistently get to the quarterback and disrupt the offense, but we can’t be giving $100 million contracts to players anymore, except for Patrick Mahomes!

Thank You

That’s it for another edition of our Chiefs Monday Mailbag! Thank you to Clint Switzer, Shane Williams, and Kim Moseley for the great questions! Also, a big thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to read this! If you want to submit a question just comment below and I’ll answer it for next week’s mailbag! Until next time, take care of yourself and each other!

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