Snoop Dogg performance at Kansas Midnight Madness showcases continued lack of institutional control

With the University of Kansas already under the inconsistent microscope of the NCAA, the school decided to bring in rapper Snoop Dogg to perform at this years’ Midnight Madness event.

Not shockingly, what unfolded was a night of strippers, profanity and a money gun which seemed to catch the university off guard.

I didn’t know there was going to be anything like that,” Said head coach Bill Self. “I was told this was radio edited and everything else, so I don’t guess you have visuals on radio. But no, that’s not the direction that anybody at our school would want that to go at all. Regardless of the entertainment it provided, it’s still not the right way to provide the entertainment.”

Snoop Dogg performs at Kansas Midnight Madness

With a notice of allegations from the NCAA already looming (which include five level 1 violations), Kansas have clearly decided to dig their heels in and fight the NCAA to the death. This event had all the makings of a school making a bold statement, one that indicates a “bring it on” attitude towards pending doom.

While rival Missouri self reported potential violations to the NCAA, a move that proved to be fatal as the football program is currently enduring a postseason ban, Kansas has attempted to play the victim in the situation in hopes that a wrist slap will ensue.

Perhaps this stunt will act as a swan song for future Hall of Fame coach Bill Self, a coach that was identified by name during the NCAA’s probe. Will the wildly inconsistent NCAA finally have the guts to take down a college sports blue blood? If the behavior of the school and its administration is any indication, the NCAA may have all the blood in the water that they need to attack.

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