Jon Gruden to return to MNF after seeing Derek Carr’s music video?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has done several commercials for EECU bank, but this latest one has us jokingly wondering if Jon Gruden would consider a return to the Monday Night Football booth. Now, of course coach Gruden has 100 million reasons to stay and this is all in good fun. However, can’t you just see Jon sitting down with Derek like they did for ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’; Jon with clicker in hand going over this commercial frame by frame with a puzzling scowl upon his face? That may be more interesting television than the Oakland Raiders this upcoming season. But we will see if a decade away from football is too wide of a gap for a successful return or once a good coach, always a good coach. Without further ado, here is the new hit single and music video by Derek Carr, “A Bank I Can Trust.”

 Derek Carr’s Debut Single – “A Bank I Can Trust”

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