Jim McNally is an NFL legend you may not know, but make no mistake, he is without a doubt, a legend of the game. He got his start in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals in 1980, yes that’s right, he’s spent 40 years of his life in the league and continues on as a consultant with the Bengals. He helped coached Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz and was coaching with the Bengals in their two narrow Super Bowl losses to those great San Francisco 49ers teams of the 80’s. We did this interview to not only recognize one of the true greats, but also to enlighten those of you that may not know him or his story. Without further ado, in video and podcast form, here is our interview with the incomparable, Jim McNally.

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Video Interview with Jim McNally

Podcast Interview w/ Jim McNally & former Mizzou TE Sean Culkin

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