The Elite Sports Podcast featuring Joe Theismann and Marcus Dupree

This week on a brand new episode of The Elite Sports Podcast, hosts Noah Gronniger and Clint Switzer welcome two top-notch guests in former Super Bowl MVP Joe Theismann & Marcus Dupree, subject of the 2010 ESPN 30-for-30 “The Best That Never Was.”

Joe Theismann discusses his latest book “How To Be a Champion Every Day: 6 Timeless Keys to Success,” which will be released June 16th and also speaks candidly about the injury Alex Smith suffered and some of the similarities to his own career-ending injury back in 1985.

Former Oklahoma Sooners standout Marcus Dupree discusses his latest venture Boomer Kush on the podcast and also reflects on the past 10 years since he was featured on ESPN’s 30-for-30 film “The Best That Never Was.”

Listen to the podcast below

Watch: Zoom Interview With Marcus Dupree

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